Adventure Ride

A Typical Day Out

We assemble around 9.15am and after a short rider briefing we're our way to the first trails. Our riding groups are always small , generally no more than three or four riders plus myself. Depending on the route for the day we'll be on the first lane within 15 minutes . The first trail is at 1600' elevation and occasionally we start the off-road sections in thick cloud! The first trails we ride are very easy and relaxed and this gives the less experienced riders the opportunity to get the feel of riding off road.


Once everybody has settled into the rhythmn of the ride I'll drop back behind the group when we're on the trails and let the group move ahead at its natural pace. Every riding group has a different dynamic and 'leading from the back' ensures everybody can ride at a pace they feel comfortable with.


I aim to be at the lunch stop between 1pm and 2pm where we'll take on fuel and grab a bite to eat  before setting out on the return leg of the journey. The routes vary depending on the time of the year but in the afternoon we often find ourselves riding the high ridge trails such as Offa's Dyke and the Ceri Ridgeway. These are upland drover's trails and offer spectacular views across the border country.

In a typical riding day we'll be on the bikes for around seven hours and cover anything up to 120 miles. The variation in mileage is down to weather conditions- during a hot dry summer the trails are very easy to ride and we cover more ground.

If it's been raining the trails have less grip and the riding tends to be more technical. It's all equally enjoyable regardless of the time of year.

Team River

We usually arrive back at base between 4.30pm and 5pm, often tired, sometimes wet, but always with a big smile on everybody's face.


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Kerry Crop