Adventure Ride

Riding with AdventureRide UK

AdventureRide will tailor the day's riding to suit your bike and your abilty. Each day's ride is carefully planned to ensure you get the best value in terms of time spent riding your bike and the quality of the terrain and scenery you will be riding through. Ultimately the route we choose will take four factors into account;

1. Rider Experience


Anybody from first time trail riders through to experienced long distance off road riders will enjoy a day out with AdventureRide. It's important to let us know what your riding level is so a suitable route can be planned in advance. There are plenty of trails in this area which are ideal for beginners, if you can ride a road bike competently you'll be able to enjoy these routes and continue to build up your confidence as the day progresses. For experienced riders there are also plenty of trails to challenge advanced ability levels.

2. Type of Bike


The Gas Gas Pamperas on the AdventureRide fleet have proved perfect for the terrain encountered on our rides and any typical trail bike up to 450cc will be fine. If you have a larger, heavier bike please let us know in advance and we can plan the route to avoid very technical sections.


3. Rider preferences


Do you want to have an intrepid riding adventure crossing deep fords and riding tight technical trails or would you prefer to simply kick back and take a more relaxed route along the ancient ridgeways of Shropshire drinking in the scenery?

It's your choice and we'll be very happy to work around your preferences using our local knowledge of the best routes.

4. Weather


Weather is always a keen consideration for motorcyclists but it's a particularly important factor when planning a trail riding route. Some trails become impassable in winter and some of the fords in this area can be very tricky to negotiate after heavy rain. At AdventureRide the weather conditions form a key part of our ride planning strategy and our local experience helps us plan our adventure accordingly . Nobody wants to  spend half the day recovering bikes from deep mud!

Winter Riding