Adventure Ride

Why Gas Gas Pamperas?

"The Gas Gas Pampera 250 MK III is one of the great trail motorcycles of modern times..." MCN

 "Gas Gas manufactures trials and enduro bikes, so why not combine the best of the two? Which explains the Pampera, a bike with the seating and ergonomics of a trailbike and the intensive, stump-pulling torque of a trials bike. With its miserly fuel mileage, it’s the perfect machine for off-road explorations and general mess-around trail riding..."  Cycle World

Our hire bikes at Adventure are 250cc Gas Gas Pamperas. The Pampera was chosen for a two main reasons; firstly, they have a sensible seat height which makes them ideal for riders who are unfamiliar with off road riding and secondly, the low weight.  Weighing in at around 95kgs Pamperas are incredibly light. This is very important and, after a full day on the trails and fatigue begins to creep in, you'll really start to appreciate how manageable the Pampera is.

Team Woods

The Pampera bridges the gap between a pukka trials bike and a lightweight trail bike and is so user friendly and easy to ride it will flatter the ability of any rider, from beginner to expert. They are ideally suited to some of the tighter, technical trails which are found in the Marches region and experience has proven them to be the perfect choice for our needs.

As well as being a superb trail bike the Pampera is also a very credible competition machine which  have been used to great effect in single stage trials as well as long distance events . A Pampera  is easily capable of being ridden to Gold medal standard in the Motor Cycling Club's long distance events such as the Edinburgh, Exeter or Edinburgh trials. In fact, when first introduced they were so effective at long distance trials they became commonly known as 'the cheat's bike'.

Our Pamperas are fitted with trials tyres instead of the more aggressive enduro style tyres. These tyres are much kinder to the trails and provide more than enough grip for trail riding  They also behave better on the road than full knobblies, especially when running at low pressures. We fit heavy duty 4mm tubes to reduce the likelihood of punctures. AdventureRide Pamperas also feature a number of subtle modifications to the suspension and engine to sharpen up the handling and throttle response.