Adventure Ride

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it?
Our days out are tailored to your experience level and ability .Unlike some trail ride  operators we don't claim that we will “challenge” you or take you outside your comfort zone . We just want you to have a great day out on a bike in beautiful scenery. We don't do extreme or white-knuckle, we just do fun. We get great feedback from experts and beginners alike and pride ourselves on getting the balance right on the day.

What gear should I bring with me?
We have a wide selection of boots helmets , jackets, trousers etc which you are welcome to use. Please appreciate it is difficult to cover every potential size requirement and therefore we suggest you bring your road riding kit with you just in case you can't get comfortable in our off road kit.

Can I bring my own bike?
Of course, please refer to the pricing page on the website which covers riders bringing their own machines. If you bring your own bike please ensure it is road legal and reasonably quiet.

What happens if the weather's bad?
We ride in all weathers but prefer not to ride in torrential rain or blizzards! If the weather is looking seriously bad you always have the option of postponing the ride without any cost penalty. All we ask is that we make this decision the day prior to the ride by mutual agreement. We have only had to cancel one ride and that was due to deep snow.

Is it suitable for a beginner?
Absolutely. For riders who are unsure whether trail riding is for them we offer three hour taster sessions, however if you want to ride a full day we will be very happy to structure the day starting out on easy lanes graduating to more adventurous stuff as the day goes on. We always get excellent feedback from beginners and the lanes in the South Shropshire hills are a perfect introduction to trail riding for newcomers to the sport.

I'd like to bring my son/daughter along but they've only just passed their test?
Our insurance only covers riders who have held a full license for at least three years. However, we are quite happy to let a newly qualified rider use one of our machines if they organise their own insurance. This is usually quite straightforward, please contact us to discuss.