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Adventure bike riding days aimed specifically at owners of large capacity machines are a new addition to our off road riding days.
Adventure Bikes such as the BMW GS series and KTM's Adventure have grown rapidly in popularity during the past decade. These superbly capable bikes are great for eating up the miles but caution shoud be excercised when taking them off road. They will perform well on firm or rocky tracks but on slippery, muddy trails they can be a handful, especially if fitted with dual purpose rather than specific off road tyres.

It's difficult to find reliable up-to-date information about which routes are suitable for larger bikes. A GPS or sat nav will only tell you where the track is, it won't tell you whether it's going to be fun to ride on a big bike and it won't tell you some tracks are virtually impassable on a big bike in certain weather conditions. Extricating a big GS which has sunk up to its axles in a Welsh bog can be a frustrating, time consuming experience and to avoid this situation many adventure bike owners prefer to keep to tarmac routes.

This is where AdventureRide comes in. We've put together some superb routes which are ideal for large capacity adventure bikes. They will take you overland through stunning scenery along a variety of green lanes, forest tracks , unclassified country roads and quiet back lanes. You'll ride along deserted mountain roads, across bleak moorland and through secluded woods and valleys .

It's a great day's riding and is exactly the kind of motorcycling your adventure bike was designed to do. Our groups sizes are small, usually no more than six riders plus a guide.
As well as having a memorable day out you will also be contributing to the Midlands Air Ambulance charity. 16% of the riding fees taken on our adventure bike days are donated to the Air Ambulance who provide essential medical support in the remote areas our rides pass through. It's our way of putting a little bit back.

For pricing details please visit out Pricing page

Adventure Bike Dates for 2015

  • August 6th. SOLD OUT
  • September 27th. Places available, please email bookings@adventureride for full details cost £60 per bike. 16% of the riding fee is donated to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity
  • October 10th.  Places available
  • October 25th. Last adventure bike ride of the season! Places available £60 per bike